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Why a post isn’t up today, or college is hard.

on August 23, 2012

Alright, so it’s Thursday. Normally this means that a post would have gone up, but as you can see, that totally hasn’t happened yet. This is why.

A new semester of college crept up on me, so while before I had loads of time to work on this, now I only have an hour a day if I’m lucky. Because of this, updates actually going up on Thursday may not happen.

However, that does mean a post will not go up that week. Instead, it will most likely go up that weekend. This site will update weekly. That I promise.

If anything, this is a learning experiance. The next time I get a break, I’m going to prepare as many posts as a can just so I, and any regular readers, don’t have to deal with a sporadic update schedule.

So, sorry for the delay. Check back in a few days, and hopefully then I got my act together and got something up,


Emily Geek


One response to “Why a post isn’t up today, or college is hard.

  1. Hey, college is a completely new experience. I’m sure you’ll fall into the swing of things sooner rather than later once you’ve got a feel for classes.

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