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The Demonata: Lord Loss by Darren Shan

on January 31, 2013

Lord LossThe Demonata: Lord Loss by Darren Shan

One of the things I, as I feel that many people do, is find authors they like and read all of their books. For me, Darren Shan is one of those authors. Granted, I didn’t totally love the Cirque du Freak series, but The Demonata sounded really interesting and I liked Shan’s writing style later in the series. I figured I would give this a try.

Anyway, Lord Loss is the first book in the ten book long The Demonata series by Darren Shan (He really likes those long series.) It’s the second long series Shan has ever written, and instead of vampires, it’s about demons and werewolves.


The main character in this series is Grubitsch “Grubbs” Grady, who wins the award for the worst name given to a character in a series, at all, ever.  Grubbs is in the middle of his rebellious faze, and the book starts off with him getting in serious trouble for smoking behind the school. Of course, it doesn’t help that he decided to get revenge on his tattling sister, Gretelda (who hold second place for the worst name given to a character in a series, at all, ever) by putting rat guts in her towel so she gets drenched with gross when she got out a shower.

Can you say worst nightmare?

Can you say worst nightmare?

About this scene: I know that in Grubbs’s point of view, Gret was totally out of line when she told on him, but I just feel like drenching her with rat guts is a pretty harsh revenge. It doesn’t do well to make Grubbs a sympathetic, but I think that may have been a point. See, Darren from the Cirque du Freak series was characterized as a sweet, but sometimes dim and dorky kid who just had a whole lot crap put on him. Grubbs on the other hand… can be kind of a whiny jerk at times. And I like that.

Usually authors do their damn best to make their characters the most likable people ever, and it’s nice to read a book every once in a while that is not the case.  That being said, there is a difference between an somewhat unlikable character and someone that the readers are supposed to absolutely hate.  Here, Shan balances that; even though I don’t particularly like Grubbs, I still feel invested in his story and I do want to know what happens to him.

So, Grubbs is in tons of trouble, and this is when things get… weird. Because all of a sudden, Grubbs’s family starts being really nice to him and letting him off the hook halfway through his punishment, along with being oddly emotional. One night, they leave Grubbs with aunt while they go to the ballet, and Grubbs, curious, sneaks back home to figure out what’s going on.

Then, BAM! Demons, all over the place. And his family is all kinds of dead. Just badness. Everywhere.



This is the second chapter.

The second chapter.

Chapter 2.

What. the. actual hell.

Ok, seriously though. When  I read about the prank Grubbs’s pulled on Gret, I thought “Wow. That was one of the grossest things I’ve read in a long time. I can’t imagine what would be worse than that.” I was proven wrong not even five minutes later by, CHAPTER FRIGGING TWO.

So now, our protagonist has gone Cuckoo for Coco Puffs from the trauma of this event, and eventually is taken into care by an estranged uncle, after which the books tells us more about demons and the sordid history of the Grady family.


I’m not gonna lie, this book is really interesting. I really like the deconstruction of the normal tropes that come with demons and werewolves and tied those phenomenon together in a really cool interesting way (that I can’t really say here because they are huge spoilers). This is a really creative and cool book that I recommend to anyone who wants a cool, fairly modern, gory horror story.


Rating: 7


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