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The Demonata: Bec by Darren Shan

on May 9, 2013

The Demonata: Bec by Darren Shan


The Demonata: Bec is the 4th book in the ten book long series by Darren Shan, who also wrote the twelve book long series The Cirque du Freak. Unlike The Cirque du Freak, which was a linear hero’s journey about vampire, The Demonata is a non-linear story of three young teens as they try to keep the world as they know it from being overrun with horrific demons.

So far, we have met Grubbs Grady, a kid whose family is cursed with some of their family will turn into ravenous wolf-monsters when they hit their teens (including his sister and half-brother) and may or may not have magical powers; and Kernel Fleck, who was born with the ability to see special lights that could be put together to make a portal to the demons’ dimension. Neither of them make a appearance in this book, which makes sense, considering Bec is set thousands of years before either Grubbs and Kernal are born.  Instead, the protagonist is a young blossoming priestess girl named Bec.


At the start of the novel, Bec lives in her clan in ancient Ireland, where she was adopted by the priestess Banba as an apprentice. However, Banba is now dead, and ever since then, Bec has been trying to keep up with her studies, but it’s almost impossible without a teacher. Worse, the demon attacks on her clan are slowly getting worse and worse and the clan is slowly getting killed off.

One day, after a particularly bad attack, a young and simple boy with inhuman speed runs into the camp with a message that his clan has been attacked.  Bec, along with several other warriors, decide to go help the other clan and to figure out why the demons are attacking so viciously lately.

Though they are too late to actually help the clan, they do meet the boy’s master, Drust, who tells Bec and the warriors that he knows of a way to stop the demons for good… if they can trust him that is.

After this, the book turns into a game of who-can-you-trust, with Bec being thrust into a more powerful position that she ever wanted to be in.


As you probably know from this blog, I really, really like fantasy novels, and this was closer to fantasy than anything else in the series so far.  It starts out like a typical fantasy story, but it also has the same twists as the other books in the series have so far.  Interesting to note, all of the books have a sort of hopelessness in them: though the characters try to fix the break between the two dimensions to stop the demons from coming through, it doesn’t matter. Eventually, they will fail, it’s when they are going to fail is the question.

Now, I know that doesn’t sound very interesting scenario: why would you want to keep reading something when you know the characters you are becoming attached to will eventually perish? The thing about it is, you do have hope that the characters will survive, that something good will finally happen to them. There are hints that something will finally help the human race beat the demons, and that bit of hope is why I continue the series.


Rating: 7 out of 10.


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