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100 Banned Books Series: The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

on May 19, 2013

    100 Banned Books Series: The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

 Diary of Anne Frank

The Holocaust left a deep scar on the world’s recorded history. The enormity of what happened is overwhelming when teachers tell you in history class. The Diary of Anne Frank helps middle school students to understand how exactly the holocaust happened. This book details how different people were forced into concentration camps, as well as demonstrates how people looked out for one another in a time of great danger and turmoil.


The Diary of Anne Frank is a diary of a young girl who hid in an attic for two years during the holocaust. The book starts with Anne as a normal Jewish girl who has friends, goes to school, and has boy troubles. The main point comes when the Franks, Anne and her family, were forced to go into hiding. Anne remains in hiding for two years. The Diary of Anne Frank is a firsthand look at what it was like to be a teenage girl in hiding during the holocaust. This book is literally a diary. It talks about Anne’s problems with her mother and her feelings of isolation. Because this is non-fiction, the Nazi forces that found the Franks determined the ending. There is not an author hiding in the background with symbolism and foreshadowing, it is simply a personal account of a tragic time in a family and a country’s history.


This particular book is one of those books read in schools, so by default, it has been challenged. Parents considered this thirteen-year-old girl’s diary to mature for their thirteen-year-old children to read. Some of the chapters of this girl’s DIARY consist of her growing knowledge of puberty and sex. Parents say they want their children to be exposed to such themes at home. I, personally, think this is ridiculous. KIDS TALK. I first learned about sex and what it entails from a public school system and the talk of my classmates. Parents should talk to their kids about these things, yes, BUT a parent should be aware that they should start young if they want to ingrain their notions of sex and such on their child. So, this is an inadequate reason for the book to be banned or censored.


This book is historically significant. Something so historically significant should not be banned for a reason so trivial as parents fighting over who gets to tell their kid that sex is a thing. It is about the HOLOCAUST. IT DOES NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. The Diary of Anne Frank forces children to look at the fact that this tragedy happened to PEOPLE. I personally have gained a better understanding of what exactly the holocaust was and the many ways it impacted people’s lives. The Diary of Anne Frank has a way of impacting people with its raw realism. It puts you in the holocaust in a way only rivaled by the museums dedicated to the deceased. The diary of a girl hiding from murderers of her race is a book everyone should read.


Rating: on a scale of this is my for fun for fun reading TO this book will change your life I give it about a 7. I think everyone should read it to be an educated human being.



(Also: There have actually been some adaptations of The Diary of Anne Frank: a stage adaptation and two movie adaptations.  However, these versions tried their best to make Anne seem more innocent and less worldy as she does in her actual diary. Because of that, we do not recommend watching the adaptations in place of reading the book.


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