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The Demonata Book 5: Blood Beast by Darren Shan

on May 24, 2013

blood beast    The Demonata Book 5:  Blood Beast by Darren Shan

The Demonata Book 5: Blood Beast by Darren Shan is the fifth book in the twelve book long series by Darren Shan, who also wrote ever-popular The Cirque du Freak books.

However, while The Cirque du Freak was a hero’s journey about vampires, this is a non-linear story about mankind’s last stand against the foul race of demons, centered around three teenagers: Grubbs Grady, whose story is set in the modern day and also concerns a family genetic curse involving werewolves, Kernel Fleck, a depressed mage whose story began in the 1980s and has the power to create portals with almost no effort, and Bec, a young priestess from old Ireland who sacrificed herself long ago to stop the demons the first time they tried to overtake the human universe.

Like the first book, Lord Loss, and the third book Slawter, Blood Beast centers around Grubbs Grady, who so far has been the center point of the series.  However, though the other two books concerned mostly with his relationship with his uncle, Dervish, and the evil demons, this one puts a lot more focus on the curse that affects his family.

Not his best idea.

Not his best idea.


At the end of Slawter, it’s implied that Grubbs does have magic abilities.  That being said, there hasn’t been any indication of his abilities in the months since Slawter ended, thus leading him to believe that it was just a onetime thing. That being said, he has a little bit more to worry about, considering he thinks the family curse is finally affecting him, meaning he only has a few months left before turning into a mindless beast.

Yeah, that’s the thing about this series… the werewolves don’t just wolf out during the full moon, once they completely change they’re stuck that way forever, which Grubbs isn’t ok with, as one can imagine. So far the only true cure that they have been able to find for the curse is from the crazy-scary demon Lord Loss (whose the main villain of the series), but he only does it if you beat him in a do-or-die game of chess and, since Grubbs has beaten him twice before, isn’t exactly jumping to help him. If anything, Lord Loss is super keen on killing the poor guy.

There’s also a group made up of family members who have lost loved ones to the curse that call themselves the Lambs that are dedicated to finding a cure that doesn’t involve demons, but they mostly are there to put the turned family members (all of them teenagers) out of their misery. So Grubbs and Dervish aren’t keen on calling them either.

It’s pretty much a bad situation all around.

Though all of this is going on, most of the book focuses on Grubbs’ social life: his rocky friendship with his half-brother Bill-E and the bully who torments him, Loch Gossel, along with his hopefully-soon-to-be-girlfriend, Reni Gossel.  To be honest, it makes since that almost the first half of the book focuses on these fairly mundane problems (comparatively), as Grubbs himself is pretty much in denial about the whole thing. Personally, I don’t really mind it because it’s the first time we have seen Grubbs in a fairly normal setting and not being chased by demons.

This pretty much takes up the first half of the book, and the story line with Loch and Bill-E comes to a head, and the book picks up the pace and ties back into Bec, the fourth book in the series.


Rating: 7 out of 10.


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