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The Demonata: Death’s Shadow by Darren Shan

on June 24, 2013

Death's Shadow     The Demonata: Death’s Shadow by Darren Shan

Death’s Shadow is the seventh book in the ten book long series The Demonata by Darren Shan, who also wrote The Cirque du Freak series (called The Saga of Darren Shan in everywhere but America), along with some other teen horror titles.


The last book in the series, Demon Apocalypse, hell quite literally broke loose when Lord Loss, the main villain of the series, tried to open a portal that would allow a whole slew of demons to break through into the human’s realm. Grubbs Grady, Kernal Fleck, (both who are protagonists for some of the other books in the series, and are also pieces of the Kah-Gash, a powerful weapon that could destroy the demon universe for good), and Beranabus, the ancient magician, were able to stop him, but not without some sacrifices.

It turns out that Grubbs’s younger half-brother, Bill-E, was the one who activated the tunnel, and the only way it would close was by killing him. However, something strange happened after Bill-E’s death- his body came back to life and was taken over and changed into Bec, the young priestess who stopped the last tunnel from opening thousands of years before, and whose body inhabited the cave ever since. As the third piece of the Kah-Gash,  Bec helped the others push back Lord Loss and the his demon allies, and now has returned to life in the modern world.


Death’s Shadow is told in Bec’s point of view, as she tries to adjust to the new modern way of living. However, Dervish, who is Grubbs and Bill-E’s uncle, doesn’t exactly make it easy for her, as the only thing he thinks she’s good for is to reminisce on Bill-E’s life.  Though eventually Bec gets him to come around, but soon after they are attacked by werewolves and are forced to leave Carcery Vale and try and find and help the others against the fearsome monster that appeared in Demon Apocalypse.


As well as pushing the plot forward at warp speed, Death’s Shadow also provides the back-story for Beranabus, the ancient and mysterious magician tasked with  preserving humanity against the demons, as well as provided information about the mysterious Kah-Gash and the reasons for its existence.


All in really have to say about this book is that it’s another really good “middle book”, the one that more to set up the next one than actually has its own definite plot line. It also provides a whole lot of world building, and highlights one of my favorite character in the series.  Overall, pretty solid piece of work.


Rating: 7 out of 10.


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