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This probably wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but I need to put this blog on an official hiatus.  I’ve had many medical problems in the past year that made posting difficult, and I need time to get some projects straight and done and prepare for the Fall semester.

The hiatus probably won’t be that long, I’m going to Dragoncon over Labor Day weekend and I’m hoping to start posting again not long after that.   I will most likely try to keep the posts to once a week, on Thursdays, until I feel like I have a decent enough backlog to start posting more often.  My end goal is to be able to post things every day Monday through Friday.

Also, I’ve decided to expand what will be on the blog. Yes, reviewing is great and I love doing it, but I also want to start posting my own art on this blog!  I’m also planning on changing some other aspects of the blog, such as the layout and possibly the name.

If you want to know what I’m doing until I start posting again, you can follow me on my personal blog: or my new art blog, which would kind of a preview of things to come, :


Thank you!

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