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100 Banned Books: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

100 Banned Books: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

What’s It About?
The novel’s protagonist is Alex, a 15 year old living in a near-future dystopian England. He is very intelligent, and loves classical music, almost as much as he loves random ultraviolence.
He and his friends (droogs) spend their days causing as much violence as possible. However, all of Alex’s friends are older than him, and challenge him to try a “man-sized” job: robbing the house of an old cat lady. Angry, Alex lashes out at his friends, and leads them to the old woman’s house to go through with the job. After attacking the old woman and acidently killing her, Alex’s friends betray him and he gets caught by the police.
Once in prison, Alex is recruited into something called The Ludovico experiment, in which he is forced to watch graphically violent movies after getting an injection that makes him ill. This is a type of aversion therapy causes Alex to become extremely nausea whenever witnessing violence, and has the unintended consequence of also him feeling the same kind of nausea whenever he hears classical music. The experience leaves him completely harmless to the rest of the world, but also leaves him completely unable to defend himself from anyone. They then toss him onto the unforgiving streets, where people from his old life remember who he was and are more than happy to take advantage of the new situation.
Why Was It Banned?
In Part 1, the main character of A Clockwork Orange rapes a woman while forcing her husband to watch, and then inadvertally kills her, may have raped two 10 year old girls, sliced up his friends, and attacked an old lady and tried to rob her. This book puts some slasher movies to shame. It doesn’t help that there is a whole lot of cursing in the book, and many of the violent scenes are very graphic. Because of that, it’s been banned from high schools, and apparently a book store owner was arrested for selling the bookA Clockwork Orange.
However, the part of the book that was censored the most was the last chapter. SPOILER ALERT: in the last chapter Alex decides that he is too old for mayhem, implying that his sociopathic tendancies were a product of youth. Some publishers took the last chapter out and ended the book when Alex’s treatment was reversed and he ended up exactly the same as he was when the book started. It was a rare case of altering a book to make it sadder. Burgess hated this change, and always fought against it.
My Thoughts?
This book is really hard to read.
Not because the violence though. The book is written in Alex’s point of view, and he thinks and speaks in a type of slang called Nadsat, which is apparently derived from Russian words. Burgess apparently said once that the reason he wrote in this way is to provide a barrier between him and the terrible things the protagonist is doing. However, opening the book for the first time and seeing what could be considered gibberish can be really daunting for some people. Personally, I really didn’t get used to the language until halfway into Part 2.
But once I could understand what was happening, it got really interesting. Part 1 was kind of frustrating to read because of all the unreadable slang, but Parts 2 and 3 were the best parts of the book anyway. Reading about all the awful things Alex was doing got really old after a while, and the experiment and how it was done and the effects it had was probably the most interesting part of the book anyway.

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Makeup Post: Homestuck: Eridan Ampora

Eyes closedEyes open


“as the prince of hope im uniquely qualified to recognize wwhen all hope is lost”

More Homestuck trash: this time with Eridan Ampora, the douche prince of the sea. I really like this one, it is a lot more wearable than I originally planned, but it’s still really dark and fun with a bright inner eye and a double liner.

Also I’m sure I will one day learn how to take pictures.

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Makeup Post: Homestuck: Feferi Piexes.

390 391Feferi reference pic

So since I’m a big baby Homestuck nerd, I decided to feature the Trolls as my first makeup series.

The first is Feferi Piexes, the super friendly, bubbly, fuchsia mermaid princess.  Since she’s much less intense and much nicer than many of the other trolls are, there’s much less grey and black than any other design in the series. There’s only a little grey in the crease to add a little bit of contour.  Other than that, it’s just a bright pink lid with the colors of the skirt as the eyeliner, which I think turned out pretty well.

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