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Makeup Post: Homestuck: Equius Zahhak

Reference PicEyes closedEyes open both eyes
Your name is EQUIUS ZAHHAK.

You love being STRONG.

Since Equius is my favorite of the characters I’m doing for this series, I decided to go something very dramatic for this look. I like the way the black fades into the blue, and the angularness of how this turned out.

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Makeup Post: Homestuck: Gamzee Makara

Reference Pic

Eyes closed Eyes open

I really don’t like this character, and probably wouldn’t include him if it weren’t for the completionist in me.

That being said, I think this look suits him in a way. Gamzee is kind of gross and messy and I think the dark shadowing really brings out that side of him.  I also thought the bright purple underneath the eyes brings the look together.

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